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5 Steps to being a Happy Father

June 15, 2014 - Category:
5 Steps to being a Happy Father

How to be happy on Father’s Day when you think you can’t. 


Today brings about many emotions for not only fathers but for the children whom are thinking about their fathers. 


As a father and grandfather, I have been on both sides of the emotions as I think about my own father and the children and grandchildren I now have. 


Here are my top five things you can do to have a Happy Fathers day.


1.  Forgive and learn to love your own fathers if you still need to.  I know for some of you this is easier said than done. I have heard the stories and have helped men and women heal from abuse or abandonment from their fathers.  Your willingness to get healing and freedom from your past wounds and hurts will prepare the way for you to be a great dad for your own children.  For a great resource see “Bondage Breakers” by Neil Anderson.


2.  Consider your children and your grandchildren.  Intentionally take sometime today and think deeply about your kids.  No matter how old they are or how healthy your relationship you must look at the qualities and gifts each of your children have and be thankful for them.  Each child is a gift from the Lord that should be recognized, encouraged and spoken over today.  


3.  Don’t wait for your children to respond on Father’s day.  Be intentional today and tell each of your children how you love them.  Speak life into them by using words such as love, pleased, proud and happy because they are your children.  Many times the healing in families will start with us.  Open that door.  


4.  Draw a line in the sand - today.  Decide that your are going to be intentional, at all cost to bring about a change in the relationship with your kids.  Know right now it’s never too late to change the generations.  Don’t believe the lie that you have messed it up and there is nothing you can do.  Our God is a God of redemption and He can and will redeem your family.  Believe it and receive it.  


5.  Be happy and count your blessing.  If you know Jesus then you know the victory is already won.  In this victory you have the authority to rebuke the enemy who wants to tear your family apart.  Say “no way” to that today and pray to Jesus for healing and for courage to walk your whole family into the abundant life the Holy Spirit has sent for you to live in.  Claim this today and believe it. 

You can change the outcome.  We know it's true.  To learn more about our intentional discipling process for parents visit our website C2family.com.