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The Hardest Part is Nodding Your Head

August 8, 2014 - Category: family-blog
The Hardest Part is Nodding Your Head
Why is it so hard to live our most adventures life?  So many families we have talked to describe their life as monotonous and at best mundane.  Do we not know that God purposed us to live in abundance?  God desires our lives to be full of productive fruit and for this fruit to be multiplied in others all around us. We are meant to live a courageous and adventurous life. We know this unfathomable truth as children.  
In Bob Buford’s book, Half Time, Bob describes the true objective is not success from a worldly perspective but significance from a Godly perspective.  This typically happens when entrepreneurs and business executives reach a level of material success and they find themselves asking what next.  There has to be more than this.  When family members who have been interviewed on their deathbeds and asked what they would have done differently, many have said they would have lived more adventurously, not pleasing others and leaving a true legacy that really mattered. 
Recently on a trip to our daughter and son in law’s home in Jackson, Wyoming to pick up two of our other kids who were there for a long summer visit, we heard a saying from Buck, our son in law, that was significant and applies to us all who want to live abundantly. 
Buck has been riding bulls for many years.  He has had numerous accomplishments including his top ten bull rider status in the PBR.  Their house is full of saddles, buckles, and other trophies that he has won through out his career.   It’s quite impressive.
While Nathan, our 17 year old son, had been visiting over the summer he did something we never expected.  Nathan decided he also wanted to get on a bull.  Not just one but in only a few short weeks he had climbed on 6 bulls and went on a ride of his life.  It was exciting and scary at the same time as his mom and I watched.   His mother watched from somewhere in the crowd, not too close, and I from behind the shoots.
Another gift that Buck has is he is a good teacher of young men.  I’m not even sure he recognizes how much he pours into the young rodeo men who are always around him. 
One morning after Nathan had not ridden or (covered) his bull for the full 8 seconds in the rodeo the night before, he was talking to Buck about how he could improve.  Buck fist encouraged him with words of life and then started to give him more coaching to make him a better bull rider.  That’s when I heard it.  He told Nathan that we could go over all the techniques and spend a lot of time practicing. This is essential and important to success. He then told Nathan that so many who want to be successful fail to do the one thing necessary. 

Nathan then asked, “What’s that?” 
Buck responded, “Nathan, the hardest part of bull riding is nodding your head.”
If you have ever been to a rodeo or watched bull riding on TV you know what this means.  You can dream, prepare, practice and talk about it but it’s not a reality until you nod your head.  In bull riding who ever is in control of the gate will not open it until he see’s the head nod.  That’s the moment of truth.  It’s no longer a vision or a dream- reality is about to become REAL.  The lesson is about to kick into high gear. The gates open and you are now fully alive on the back of a 2,000-pound bull. 
So let this encourage you in your vision to live in the most abundant life -maybe for some of you its time to simply nod your head.  Step out of your comfort zone and live in abundance and fully alive.