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Unbroken or Broken?

December 26, 2014 - Category: life
Unbroken or Broken?
Last night, our family went to see the opening of the movie “Unbroken,” a story of a life of sacrifice and determination to triumph over the evils of war.   It moved me. Most people don’t know or care about the sacrifice that was made for us to be free and this freedom is not appreciated. Lack of appreciation has led us to allow many of our freedoms to be lost. In many ways, we have thrown away the freedoms that the sacrifice and lost lives won for us just a few generations ago. But this article is not about staying unbroken but understanding how being broken can lead you to wholeness and freedom for you and your family. 
It’s usually this time of year with the holidays that many families feel broken in their marriages and in their families.   If you feel this pain right now read on. This story is for you.  Danielle and I hear stories of brokenness everyday as families come to our home for support and encouragement when they feel all is lost. The stories of these families may be varied, but the brokenness, pain, abandonment and tears flow from similar wounds. As we listen and console, we normally find out that their stories are not isolated but a continuation of the generations before them and are already impacting the generation after them.   
What we have learned is that being broken is not a bad thing if you know it’s real purpose in your life.  We learned about this “brokenness” in a real way ourselves.  We were handed a bag of generational garbage that we carried around most of our lives not knowing what it was or how to deal with it.  We lived like most of you, we continued life in the mess, which resulted in broken marriages and a family that was strained throughout the holidays with too many painful emotions to enjoy the time together.
There can be really good news in brokenness if we embrace the purpose in it for our life.  In brokenness we learn why we need a Savior.  Not just that there was a Savior but why we need Him in our marriage and in our family.  You see, it was in His life, His brokenness to the point of death and in His resurrected life that He overcame pain, suffering and death.  Our Savior showed us that we don’t have to stay in our life of brokenness and that we too can overcome.  This is why He died and sent to us a “helper” to overcome and to live abundantly. 
What we learned out of our brokenness is that in following Jesus and knowing and believing that His Spirit is alive in us, we have hope to live abundantly now and in the future.  We also learned that we have the power to overcome the generational garbage that was handed to us so we don’t hand it down to our children. We can defeat this brokenness in our family. 
Maybe like us, in your brokenness you to will turn to the only One who can make you whole and restore all that was lost.  Jesus fought a battle for your freedom and it blesses Him to see you regain it and live in it. And when you are restored, you can help your whole family become restored and live in the abundant life you were created to live.   It is in your new life of overcoming that you have a testimony of the power that comes from a life of being a disciple of Jesus. In chapter 7 of Matthew, Jesus talks about producing good fruit as evidence of being His disciple. Also, Revelation 12:11, He speaks of overcoming by the blood of the lamb and the word of your testimony. You can choose defeat or you can allow your testimony to end in victory for you and your whole family because the evidence of fruit in your life will change the generations.    
If in this holiday season you are feeling like your marriage or your family is broken, you are not alone. Do not stay “unbroken” but let the brokenness of your story lead you to the greater purpose of your life in your testimony of overcoming and victory.  Your kids and the generations after them need you to break off the old garbage and to show them how to live abundantly.  Find hope in this.  Our story is a testimony of how God redeems families.  He’s waiting for you to let Him finish your story too.  Start today.
Pray now, “Jesus, I need you and my whole family needs you.  Will you come now and give me comfort and hope and show us the future as we follow You to victory for our family?  We no longer will stay in brokenness but through your love, grace and mercy we trust in You.  Surround us with others who can help us live abundantly and fully in a life redeemed by your blood.  We trust in You.  In the precious name of Jesus we pray.”
We are here to come alongside you. That is what C2Family is all about!  Merry Christmas!  Enjoy the New Year and the New You!