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C2 Family • 2015: Year of the Supernatural Family | Blog

2015: Year of the Supernatural Family

January 10, 2015 - Category: family-blog
2015: Year of the Supernatural Family

Last Sunday in our family gathering  we taught the importance of moving forward and living outside of our natural strengths and abilities and living in the Holy Spirit supernatural.  This is the reality of bringing heaven on earth to our families and every realm in which we live.  

Here is the  outline to help you have a meaningful conversation with your family about why setting goals, having passion, getting your voice, making a difference and making a choices that matters.  We hope you take the time to start your year with moving into a supernatural life with your family.  Please share with us your experience.

Why we need to set goals…

Causes us to dream and get visions
Creates action
Moves us forward, God is not about the past
Takes courage to step out of comfort
Why we need passion...
It gives us a voice
It’s contagious
It’s emotional and spiritual
Unites people
Why we need to get “our” voice...
God made us unique
Brings glory to His creation of you
You will grow more
Others need to speak out
You will find your destiny
You will be the difference...
You are the evidence
By your fruits they will know YOU
The only Jesus they may ever see is in you
Kids need to see parents live it
And kids, your friends need to see you live it; and just maybe..
Your parents need to see you live it too
It’s a choice...
Don’t leave it to chance
God’s economy is greater than the world’s
Don’t miss what God has for you and your family