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God's True Love Wins

June 29, 2015 - Category: family-blog
God's True Love Wins
For months I have sent messages and tagged families and marriages with a tag #lovewins.  As we all know, this has been distorted or corrupted from those who have missed the true meaning of a God given love that is demonstrated though the created family. 
God’s family created family, male and female He created them in His image and in His likeness and in marriage in our “oneness”.  God created male and female to join together in “oneness” in order to be “one” in a union that only a male and a female can do.  It is in this “oneness” that God can fulfill His command His purpose to fill the earth with more of His image and His likeness.  Again this can only be accomplished through a man and a woman.  To reject this you must also reject God’s plan for His creation.  But love still wins in this union of “oneness” of male and female and through family and here’s how.
It is through the “oneness” found in marriage (the joining together in an intimate sexual act) that this process of God’s demonstration of love begins.  Through sex and the conception of a child (in His image and His likeness) He begins to demonstrate His love through family.
If you have conceived a child from your sexual union in marriage (note: if you are legally married by law or not you are married by giving of your self in sex.  It is God’s intent for sex to be the covenant of marriage). So as a result you conceived and a child was born (in His image and in His likeness), you as the mom or dad immediately and even supernaturally loved this child.  
You did not need to get to know the child  or wait to see how thing were going to go with this child or even wait to see how this child was going to act.  YOU in your heart loved and you were and still are willing to contend for this child through good or bad until good becomes a present tense reality in that child’s life.  You again, supernaturally loved this child.  It was God’s way to show your family His love for you. 
You see; God loves you the same.  He did not have to wait to get to know you, see how things were going to go or what decisions you would make.  He loved you even before you were born and He still loves you now.  In addition, God is contending for you for the greatest possible outcome for your life and He is relentlessly contending for you until you are living in the abundant life He intended. 
So what does the enemy do?  He corrupts, perverts God’s intended plan.  After the ruling of same sex marriage in the U.S. our son Noah said to us, “this is the enemy taking what God created and corrupting it into a lie for those who don’t know His better plan or who are being deceived by the lies of the world.”  Noah went on to say, “because satan can’t create and only God can, his only plan is to pervert the truth for God’s intent for family and true love”.
God created family for a greater purpose and He is fulfilling this greater purpose through the family through sex (oneness) and demonstrating His love through our children.  True love comes through God and through His greater purpose of family.  For now, we will tag our friends and families and marriages a little differently.  #God’struelovewins. 
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