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June 3, 2015 - Category: family-blog
One evening we went to the home of our dear friends to talk about their family vision statement and the journey they had embarked upon to complete it. They began with an idea then involved their children in the developed and finally completed their vision statement and hung it on a wall in their home. Their story is great in and of itself but this blog is about their 14 year old daughter, Madi, and the image she painted for us all in her story.  I’m not sure she even knows how true and profound her ‘reflection’ of the process truly is.  
During dinner, we were discussing the impact the vision statement had on their family and how both kids had been given a voice in talking about who their family was now and who they were aspiring to become as they lived out their vision.  The father started by describing why they chose to write it on an old glass window and why they chose the words that they each contributed to the vision. 

Madi added to the discussion with her view of the process.  She described how their family had decided to hang their vision statement where a mirror once hung. Madi had gotten into the practice of glancing in the mirror each morning once she was ready for school.  She also would look at herself as she passed by the mirror throughout the day to see her image in the reflection.
She continued, “Now, out of habit, I still look at the same place as if I would see the same mirror. But, now I see the family vision statement.

What I have realized is that I still see my image being reflected; but it’s the image of who I am in Christ and not what the mirror showed me.” 
As this young woman of God related this story we all heard something that we will never forget. This family made an intentional choice to bring about a greater purpose for their family and they received a great blessing.  They are the living image and likeness of God and they are now re-presenting the Gospel of the good news.  Way to go Hoffman family!
Join the Hoffmans in becoming an intentional family. Begin with vision. You can get your book and workbook now at www.c2family.com or for a more in-depth experience join one of our upcoming events. C2it!