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Missing the Mark

July 3, 2015 - Category: family-blog
Missing the Mark
“Wow, I really missed the mark on that one!” This is an expression you might hear from someone who just missed the target while practicing archery or sighting in a rifle.  It can also be a description of sin.  Consider for a moment how this definition of sin may change your way of thinking.
You may even consider the way the apostle Paul explained it in Romans 3:23 when he said we all “fall short” of the glory of God.  The phrase falling short was also taken from the example of archery when the arrow does not make it to the target but “falls short”.  
It is important as a parents to fully understand what missing the mark looks like so we can help our children live in the fullness as God intended.  Many parents tell us of their children’s shortcomings, sin or rebellious acts then share their methods of punishment. They do not understand why their  ‘corrections’ do not change the behavior and both parent and child end up exasperated through the process.
One parent has told us that their 10-year-old daughter is rebellious when asked to do something and will go and do even the opposite of what was asked.  This parent’s response was to take things and privileges away from their child but not much changed.  It seemed that correcting behavior for the sake of changing behavior was not working and both were in need of a fresh perspective. 
What we, as parents, should focus on is God’s intent for us and our children.  God wants the best for us and is contending for the best for us.   God truly wants us to live today as Heaven is on Earth.  We can both live abundantly and in the fruit of the Spirit as God intended for each person and each family.  What He really wants is for us to realize that we have fallen short of the glory He desires for us.  This is what we also want for our children and that is what we need to convey as we correct them.
Use your imagination here.  As a parent you are sitting in the back yard watching your child play.  Time and time again, you have told your child that in the back of the yard is a hole in the fence and that going through that hole will bring pain, suffering, bondage, addictions and even lead to death.  So now that you know the hole is there, don’t go through it. 
Conversely, on the other side of the yard is a gate that has all God had intended for your child.  There is fun, excitement, safety, peace, joy and or destiny to live as they were created to live as if Heaven was here on earth each and every day. 
But as a parent, you are watching your child walk through the back yard and pause to look over at the hole in the fence.  In fact, your child starts to move closer to it as your heart and spirit starts to greave because in no way do you want your child to experience even an ounce of what lies on the other side of the that hole in the fence.  
As your child gets with-in only a few feet, they stop.  They look back at you, look at the hole, look back at you and then  your child turns around and goes the other way. 
This is what repentance looks like --  Changing one’s mind and turning around and going the other way.
When you see this change in their mind and in their heart, you as the parent become over joyed with the decision.  You become more overjoyed as you see your child not just change their minds about the hole in the fence but start to go toward the gate where everything is waiting for them to live as it was intended for them. 
As they get closer, you stand from your chair and smile; you begin cheering them on.   Before long you run in the house and get your spouse and others and bring them out and say as you point, “Look at my son or look at my daughter go!”  It’s the most beautiful sight as you watch your child move through the gate and into destiny.  What a gift of joy for you as a parent.  Well done, well done. 
We need to know that God wants all of us to make similar choices of the heart and live in our greater purpose and in the abundance He intended. 
When we miss the mark it is really missing God’s intent for our life.  Many have chosen the worldly things through the hole in the fence instead of the heavenly things through the gate where supernatural life exists for us all.  We have all made the mistake in thinking the world will satisfy us only to find out we are still parched and in need of real living and quenching water.  But when we change our minds and go the other way, we find that everything through the hole in the fence was only a lie and a distraction to what God wants for us. 
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We believe that repentance is more powerful than punishment.  When our children repent, (change their minds and go the other way) we no longer need to punish but we celebrate through love and encouragement this new heart. 
Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death. (2 Corinthians 7:10 NIV)
Help your children understand why you want them not to miss the mark and bring a balance to the punishment and to the celebration of a good choice or change in behavior. 


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