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School Spirit

November 25, 2015 - Category: life
School Spirit
College may not be for everyone but I know it’s for me, an academically motivated Christian who aspires to follow God’s leading to serve in developing countries. So, the second semester of my junior year in high school, I became serious about my college search and major. Aware of God’s calling, I took it upon myself to attend to the details regarding what school and what major instead of leaving it up to Him to show me the way. Last Spring, I set up various college visits to large Texas universities to explore majoring in business with an emphasis on non-profit organizations. After I visited several schools, I did not have any peace in my spirit. I felt like the Lord was trying to show me something, but I could not discern what it was. The only thing I knew for certain was that these schools were NOT what He had in mind. That is when my faith journey to determine which college began.  I wanted the Lord to clearly show me where to go, but it proved to be an amazing time of spiritual growth for me as He expanded my faith.

At the end of my junior year, I had no idea what school I was going to attend or what major I would pursue. I needed to know in order to choose which college courses to take my senior year. Before I left for a month stay in Guatemala attending language school and serving on a mission trip, I fasted for three weeks and focused on the Lord for my college decision. I was confident that over the course of my trip, He would reveal everything I wanted to know.

Seven weeks later, on the last night of my trip after weeks of consistent prayer, I was sitting outside of our hotel next to the pool talking with my team members when the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to, “Look up at that man’s shirt”. I knew it was the Lord and I wondered, “God? What? Why would I need to look at someone’s shirt?”  I obeyed and I looked up. I saw a young man walking down the steps with his side to me so I could not see the front of his shirt. When he reached the bottom, he turned and walked directly toward me so I had a clear view. Questions came to my mind:  Was I going to base my future on a mere slogan I saw on a man’s t-shirt? Is this the big ‘reveal’ I had been waiting for? For that split moment, time stood still. I was literally mid-sentence talking to the person next to me as the Spirit was speaking to me, and when I saw the man’s shirt, I became speechless. It was as if the Holy Spirit slapped me in the face and said “Cori, THAT is where you are going.” Tears immediately began to stream down my face as I smiled with great joy at how faithful the Lord is. I have never been more sure of anything in my life, and I am so thankful that the Lord was patient with me and faithful to show me clearly where I am to go to school. On his shirt was written, in large bold letters “Oral Roberts University”.

Upon our return home, I ‘googled’ Oral Roberts University for the first time. Truth be told, my mother had suggested it several months earIier but I had never given this school a thought. This time, I immediately set up a college visit, not to consider attending, but to investigate the college I was ordained to attend.  My parents joined me and confirmation after confirmation awaited us as we toured the campus, met with the admissions department, and walked through the prayer garden.  I have applied and been accepted and have already received a scholarship offer.  My parents and I are confident that where God has directed, He will also provide a way.

I am beyond excited to attend ORU, and I know that the Lord has incredible things in store for me as I take this exciting journey. I will be majoring in International Community Development, a major I discovered while visiting ORU for the first time. I can not wait to see how the Lord uses ORU to equip me to do His work around the world, “to go where His light is dim and His voice is heard small,... even to the uttermost bounds of the earth” (Oral Robert’s message from the Lord when it was foretold that he would establish the university).