What is Family? : A Christmas Perspective

December 3, 2015 - Category: family-blog
If you type “what is family” in a GOOGLE search box, you may be surprised at what you get.  In fact, you will find all kinds of brokenness but not a clear picture of what God calls family.  Brokenness.  That is the problem. Families today believe they are broken. We fall for the lies of the world and begin to look broken as a result. Even the Christmas story appeared to be about a broken family if you only looked at the natural side.

      Families are not broken! That little baby in the manger came to redeem ALL families, no matter their form. While Jesus walked this earth, he NEVER labeled forms of family.  He is more concerned with its function.  Family was created by the Divine Family of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to LOVE, WORSHIP, DISCIPLE, and REPRESENT THE GOSPEL.  If we look closely to what we are being told to accept and what the world is telling us our children should accept, it is really brokenness.  Brokenness because it’s not God’s ideal of the form and function of family to carry out the purpose in which He created the family.

     What is family? According to the biblical definition, family is more than a man and a woman raising biological children.  In fact, when you look at the families in Jesus’ family tree you find many forms of family.   Consider your family as those in your 'household'. When Joshua made his memorable statement, "As for me and my house; we will serve the Lord," he meant all those familiar to him, those living within his home. That is a sphere of influence and a great place to start living as a redeemed family.

     God’s design for family is best. We all know that. But we must also believe His word: that He can redeem any situation and He can be the ‘father’ of a fatherless home, the ‘mother’ of a motherless home, and the REDEEMER of every family, regardless of the form. Do you believe God?  He wants to take you from brokenness to wholeness - right now. So, do not let the world label your family. There is more; much more; and C2Family wants to help you discover the way God sees your family and the vision He has for you - a plan to prosper and a destiny for your future.   Look at that picture of the nativity, it just looks right - a family who God's vision was to save the world that was lost.  It was accomplished. He wants your family to live redeemed and to be the evidence of Him in this world today.

C2 it and be blessed! Merry Christmas!