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Signs of a Healthy Family

January 18, 2016 - Category: family-blog
Signs of a Healthy Family

We live in a very fast paced world due to information, technology, and the business of our schedules, and it’s not just us as parents. It’s our kids too. With all the craziness, we see so many families that are living in chaos because there is so much going on in their lives.
            This morning, we had a great conversation with our 17-year-old daughter, Cori, about her job and why she thinks she is out performing her co-workers. She looked at us and said “I believe it is because I have the joy of the Lord in me, and people recognize that.” People recognize and respond to the light that is in our daughter.
            We began thinking about the families that we invest in and that have attended our conferences. We have seen the fruit in their families of something different.  There is a light in their home, there is intentionality in their parenting, there is something different about them, and people take notice of the lack of chaos in their home that counters our busy culture.
            We wanted to dive into some examples of this fruit.  What are some signs of a healthy family?
·      A healthy family makes time for family. They set aside time for their kids and marriages, and really make family time a priority.
·      A healthy family has a vision for their family’s future.  Vision is so important to conquer the chaos in your home.
·      A healthy family partners well with their children’s community.  Some examples would be their schools and churches. These healthy parents have invested in training up their children even outside the home.  Training up our children is really our responsibility and we want to partner with the people that influence our kids every day.  We have to make sure they are trained up the right way.  We always say, “You are uniquely qualified to parent your children.” We know parents need to hear this because so many of them rely on others and feel they need schools and churches to raise their children, when the truth is, you are to partner with these people, not depend on them.
·      Healthy parenting begins with healthy parents.  If parents are working on themselves, being fed, and growing spiritually, they will be better prepared to conquer the chaos.  We, as parents, had to step back and deal with our own wounds and hurts before we could parent our children.  We had to draw a line in the sand, choose to follow the Lord, and deal with a lot of generational curses in our own lives to prevent those things from being passed down to our children.
·      A healthy family is connected to a life giving body of believers.  We really encourage our families to find a church that understands the power of the Holy Spirit and breathes life, because it is contagious.  It will carry into your home.  Being in community with other life-giving believers that want to help you grow and challenge you is crucial for a healthy family.  This type of connection will train you to intentionally connect with your own children.
As we had our conversation with Cori, she was able to express her heart today because we engaged her; we were intentionally communicating with her. 
            We at C2Family want to help you become intentional as well.  If you don’t see any of these signs in your family, it is never too late to get on an intentional path.  If you do see some of these signs and simply need more encouragement, we would love to partner with you as well!  For some helpful resources and how to stay connected with us, click on the links below.  We can’t wait to hear what the Lord is doing in all your families! C2it and be blessed!