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The Interrupt Rule

February 13, 2016 - Category: family-blog
The Interrupt Rule
We’ve all experienced it...that awkward moment in the grocery store or mall when you witness a family struggling with a child in the middle of a meltdown.  The child is angry, upset, crying, yelling, and the parent is at a total loss. The situation is out of control and chaotic. In our culture, parents today have lost their ability to discipline and disciple their children.
            We were with a family this weekend, and their child approached us all and began screaming questions at their parents. The mother immediately turned their full attention from the adults in the room to their child.  We believe it is good for your children to receive your full attention, but it should be in an orderly and respectful way.
            We practiced THE INTERRUPT RULE with our children when they were little to teach discipline and respect. This simple rule helps you give your children the attention they’re asking for while teaching them a valuable life skill. It’s very easy to do, and in our home, led to a lot of peace and calmness.
Here’s how it works!
            We told our kids if they need to speak to us while we are speaking to another person, they could just touch us on the arm and lightly hold their hand there to let us know that they needed us.  They would allow us time to interrupt the conversation in an orderly and respectful way and turn our attention to them.
Now parents, you have a part to play as well. When your child does this, you need to get out of the conversation as quickly as you can to let them know they do matter, and you want to pay them attention.  If you can turn your attention to your child quickly, they will know,
“Wow! The Interrupt Rule works!”
            A great way to teach this rule is to try it yourself.  When your kids are playing with friends, or watching television, try the rule on them to show them respect.  You see, interrupting is not a bad thing, but it can be if it’s not done in an orderly way.  Ephesians 6:4 says,
 “Fathers, do not exasperate your children;
instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.
            Your children are not always sure how to get your attention, but they will find out what works. They will look at how you ask for attention.  Do you nag and yell at your children? Are you exasperating them and yourself? They will go to whatever has worked in the past.  If kicking, crying, and screaming works, this is how they will behave.  The Interrupt Rule is really about mutual respect.  It helps you give your children the attention they need within boundaries, rules, and structure. This is so important, because when we bring structure, it gives our family peace and calm.  Let us know how The Interrupt Rule worked in your home, by sharing your story with us!