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Weathering Life's Storms

April 26, 2016 - Category: family-blog
Weathering Life's Storms

It was 2:00am and all was quiet.  Suddenly, roaring winds began to toss the cushions of our patio furniture and rain pelted our bedroom window.  As we checked the weather radar we realized a turbulent storm had formed just over our neighborhood and the rotation in the clouds was spelling imminent danger for our home and others.  We woke up all in our house and headed to the safe room.  “Peace be still,” was our rebuke to the storm as we 

prayed.  The storm was gone as quickly as it had come and our weary family went back to sleep.  The next morning, Bill and I loaded up to survey the damage around our neighborhood and see if any help was required.  Limbs, branches, and debris from the storm littered yards and roadways.  


Springtime in North Texas is always accompanied by storms. When we are not coaching and encouraging families, we are warning, assisting and restoring families through our other passion:  storm chasing.  We chase storms with an organization called Storm Warriors™.  This spring we have chased many storms and since we usually go as a family, many conversations arise on the long return trips. Through these conversations we have discovered that both of our passions are all about storms.  Storm Warriors and C2Family face, head on, the storms that terrorize families, whether physical or metaphorical.


Are you experiencing storms in your family?


There are storms that wreak havoc on families every day.  You are either bracing yourself for a storm that is coming, weathering the turbulence of a current storm, or reeling from the one just passed.  C2Family helps families in all three of these situations.  Here is some encouragement:

  1. God is not in your storm
  2. God is bigger than your storm
  3. God wants to restore you from your storm

The Lord does not bring on the storms of life, but He will see you through them.  He desires to not just see that you weather the storm, but that you experience a victory and blessing as a result.  


Believe that God is not in your storm.  His very nature is love.  He loves you and your family unconditionally and relentlessly contends for the highest possible good for you in every situation.  He would not cause a storm just so He can deliver you from it.  But, He will bring victory and blessing through the storms you find your family encountering.  That is the promise of Romans 8:28, God will bring good out of every circumstance if you let Him.


A proven way to find victory through the storms of life is to have a family vision statement.  There is power in vision.  A family vision statement prepares you and provides a way through inevitable storms and difficulties by giving you a purpose and a plan. 


Discover God’s vision for your family by attending  an upcoming VisionQuest or invite us to your church. 

Visit our website www.c2family.com today for more information and resources on how to discover God’s vision for your family and other encouragements.