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Motherhood Changes Things

May 8, 2016 - Category: family-blog
Motherhood Changes Things
When Bill married me in 1993 the only domestic thing about me was that I lived in a house!  Although, I knew I wanted to be a mother some day, my motto was that kids would never get into the way of my career.  I was on my way up in the accounting world, worked 60-70 hours a week, and loved every minute of it.  The medium sized town I lived in was my domain and I mixed and mingled with many of the successful people my age and older. With after hours networking events, community service of the glamorous kind, and a never-ending tax season, there was little time for homekeeping.
Soon after our wedding, I felt an endearing desire to be MOM #2 to Bill’s children and was happy to be there for their school projects, sports, and even caretaking when they were sick, but my dedication to work was still important.  In fact, when we were expecting our first together, I reaffirmed my desire to not let children get in the way of my work. So, when Noah was born 21 years ago today, on a Sunday, I was determined to not miss a day of work.  We left the hospital on Monday and after dropping Noah off at the house with Bill, I drove Billy to a birthday party and the next day had my mom come over for a few hours so I could get to the office.  Things were going as planned.
A few months passed and I had resigned to work from home a few hours a week to spend time with Noah.  I was at the computer working away when it happened. From the corner of my eye I saw our three-month-old little blessing wiggling differently than ever before.  Just as I turned my head he rolled over!!!!!  I almost missed it!  That was all it took.  I called Bill and said I never wanted to go into the office again.  Motherhood had changed me.
As I look back over the last 23 years of motherhood for me, two as MOM #2 only, I am overwhelmed with blessings.  Everyday is Mother’s Day for me and I wouldn’t change one of the precious experiences with any of our five children.  They are now 34, 32, 21 (today), 19, and 17. Two of them have wonderful families of their own and I have watched as having children changed Brandi, our oldest, and Halli, our son’s beautiful wife.

I also am blessed to witness many inspiring mothers through our time with families.  One such mother, Lorinda Van Newkirk, inspires me and others with her tenacious courage and energy.  Here is her perspective on how motherhood changed her from her recent blog, "Happy Mother's Day to Me?"
If motherhood has changed you, please share your story with us here.