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Your Family Forecast

October 2, 2016 - Category: family-blog
Your Family Forecast
Checking the atmosphere in your home on a regular basis can significantly lower the potential for severe storms in your family. One way to accomplish this subtle assessment is around the dinner table. In fact, the simple act of eating a meal together as a family can encourage healthy relationships and even help avoid some of the storms of growing up. Studies have shown that families who eat together 3 -5 times a week are more stable, the children perform better academically, are less likely to get involved in drugs, pre-marital sex, or alternate lifestyles. It is important to make family meals a priority.
As family warriors, C2Family wants to encourage you to be intentional about the conversation at mealtime.  Parents can learn so much about what is going on in the lives of their children with just a few simple, open-ended questions.  Here are a few examples to get you started:
Ø  What dreams have you had and what dreams do you have for your future?
Parents: This exercise will help your children understand the difference between a dream you have while you are asleep and a dream for your life that you aspire to achieve.
Ø  If you could invite one person to share this meal with us, who would it be and why?
Parents:  Listen carefully to whom your children suggest. You will learn about their heart, for example:
            If they would invite a family member, they believe family is important.
            If they would invite someone in need, they believe charity is important.
            If they would invite a famous person, consider the character of that person and ask them why.
Ø  Which animal would best represent your personality?  In other words, if you were an animal, which animal would you be and why.
Parents:  Encourage your children to describe the animal he/she chooses with positive details that involve character traits like:
            Dog – loyal, friendly
            Lion – brave, strong
            Squirrel – energetic, fast, and playful
It might even be fun to print the 5-minute personality test from this link and use it for a discussion over dessert after each family member completes it.
Schedules are hectic.  Do not make mealtime preparation stressful or cumbersome.  Simple meals that can just be put in the oven and served from the same dish are wonderful. Children can help by setting and clearing the table.  This will enhance the experience by teaching them to work together as a team.  So much intentionality goes into having meals together as a family and you will all be blessed.  Often parents share their concerns that they do not know what is on their children’s minds.  A shared meal time will provide the input to determine not only what is on their minds, but will give you an idea of any potentially dangerous conditions that may be developing.  You can avoid many storms of life by simply being aware of the environment in your home.  Gather around the table and get your family’s forecast.

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