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C2 Family • Leadership Courses

Leadership Courses

Building your Church By Strengthening the Family

  1. Inside Out Church Families
    Our families inside the church need to be different than those on the outside of church in order to win back the world to the gospel. 
  2. Defining a Spiritual Healthy and Successful Family
    We do not live in a lost generation of children; we live in a lost generation of parents. 
  3. Discipling Families
    God's truth supplies the model to disciple families to have supernatural power. 
  4. Getting into Agreement
    The whole church leadership team needs to be involved in the process of discipling families, or at the very least in agreement with this goal. 
  5. Disciples, Doer, Apostles
    Once families are equipped; what is next? 
  6. Defining Success
    Tangible goals and objectives that are evidence of a successful family.