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C2 Family • Vision


C2 Promo I from C2Family on Vimeo.

C2 Family will equip families to become intentional and live abundantly with a God given purpose and vision for their families to change the outcome for this and future generations.

Equipping Intentional Families

The MISSION for C2 Family is to substantially impact our culture by equipping parents all over the world with practical and intentional tools and truths as revealed in God's word. We will create a community or a bigger family for all parents to discuss and share successes, new and intentional ideas, pictures, stories, and even the mistakes so we all can learn and support each other. We will develop an on line learning process for any family, small group or large audience to facilitate effectively for maximum spiritual and family growth. 

"So then, you will know them by their fruits."  Jesus from Matthew 7

What's at Stake?

There is war being waged for our children. From behavior problems (attitudes, aggression, achievement, delinquency) to criminal activities, and suicide, something has been lost. Our government, schools and agencies address only the symptoms (metal detectors, bullying slogans, medication and therapy) but never the root. Parents who see the effect of the world on their kids are fearful and react by putting up walls of protection always telling them all the things "not to do" which only exasperates them further.  What has been lost is living out and teaching values to our children in a real and meaningful way.  

Is there an answer? Yes, C2Family.com is a family resource to help any family learn how to substantially impact not just this generation, but generations to come.  

"Changing the culture in America starts in the home." Bill Ford

Yes, there is an answer. Things used to be simpler. Now they are complex. It's not that parents are not interested, it's that they are just not equipped.  Equipped, Invested and Intentional.